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Who we are

Flare’s ethos is to make fantastic content, which is written, directed and produced to precisely match your budget. Our sliding-scale capability means you set the price-point, and we’ll adapt our offering to create a professional piece of content that meets and surpasses your brief. Whether you’re looking to make a number of lower budget pieces, educational material, short ‘bite-sized’ entertainment, or longer, documentary style content, Flare adapts the number of people involved in a job, removing those that aren’t 100% vital to the end-product. This highly flexible model results in bespoke, more nimble and responsive crews, and can enable considerable cost-reductions. We simply cherry-pick the people right for the job; from our own in-house producers and camera, sound and editing professionals all the way to freelance directors, crew and talent – whatever your budget demands. And your ‘Hero’ content can still be created with the very highest quality production values you know and love, as and when needed. It’s a win-win for clients wanting best-in-class production knowledge and know-how, but who need to meet an ever-increasing customer demand for online video content.

Partner Awareness
Perfect Weekend
Trails of Taonga
Art for the Sea
Summer Roadie
Conscious Crossing
Pitstop Kiwi
The Honeymoon 25 Years in the Making
The Honeymoon 25 Years in the Making
Paul Stent

Business Development Manager

Christina Hazard

Head Of Content Production

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    Address: Level 2, 1 Post Office Square, Wellington 6011

    Phone: +64 4 802 3333